Looking for a Support Coordinator that understands you?

When you choose InFocus for Support Coordination, a Support Coordinator will work with you to understand what you need from the NDIS and your plan. We will help you to understand and implement your plan, find creative solutions to meet your needs and connect you with the right service providers and community supports.

All of our Support Coordinators are university qualified professionals within disciplines such as psychology and social work. We work with participants of all ages with different support needs and from all backgrounds. We're a Brisbane based team with years of experience and extensive knowledge of the community. 

Understand your Plan

We help you to understand and unpack your NDIS plan.


Connect you with Services

Our Support Coordinators connect with services, supports and providers.


Communicate with Providers 

We can communicate with providers on your behalf.

Manage Service Agreements

Ensure that your service agreements and service bookings are complete.


Monitor your Budget

Your Support Coordinator will help you to monitor and track your spending.


Resolve Points of Conflict
We can resolve points of conflict that might arise.

Why choose InFocus Support Coordination?



Over 70 years’ experience in disability services and extensive knowledge of the NDIS.


Tailored Solutions

Every NDIS journey is different, we provide the tailored support that you need.



Our Support Coordinators will support you to get the most out of your NDIS plan.


Here For You

Support and coaching to build your capacity to manage your NDIS plan.  

NDIS Plan Management provider

Getting started with InFocus

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3. Budget  Sign-up for Support Coordination
4. Choice  Meet your Support Coordinator
5. Plan  We get to know you 
6. Cost  We support you on your NDIS journey
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