How can I get Plan

To be plan managed, you will need to have funding for Plan Management included in your NDIS plan as a separate item known as “improved life choices”. All NDIS participants have the option to request and receive Plan Management funding. There is no cost to you when you have “improved life choices” included in your plan.

How to ask for Plan Management

You can request Plan Management services in a few different ways:

1. Planning Meeting

In your planning meeting request to have “improved life choices” included in your plan and let your NDIS Planner or Local Area Coordinator know that you want to be plan managed.

2. Plan Review

Once your plan is underway and you are agency or self-managed, you can change to plan management at any time by asking for a plan review.

3. Switch Providers

If you are already plan managed and would like to change to InFocus Plan Management, you can do this at any time by getting in touch with us. Or complete our easy online form to sign up today

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