Important information about your NDIS plan at your fingertips

When you’re Plan Managed with InFocus, the Careview Advantage app will provide you with important information about your NDIS
plan at your fingertips. The Careview advantage app is designed to give you a better insight into your NDIS funding.
All of the funding information that is managed by InFocus will display in your Careview Advantage app, in real-time.

From your smartphone or tablet you can do all of the following:

- View all of your provider invoices
- Approve or decline invoices
- See claimed and remaining funding
- See supports delivered and yet to be delivered, by NDIS category
- Get monthly activity summaries

Careview Advantage App Features

Funding summary
The Funding tab displays a total summary of the funding that is
currently being managed on
your behalf by InFocus. The
information is broken down by:
- Totally amount
- Total remaining
- Total claimed
Plan Budgets
The Plan Budget tab displays each NDIS category that InFocus is
managing on your behalf. This
information is broken down by:
- Total amount
- Total remaining
- Total claimed
The Services tab is designed to
show to NDIS Support Items that have been associated to your
Service Contracts. This makes it
easier to understand how delivery
is tracking for each support item.
In this tab you can see:
- % of service delivered
- Time elapsed
- Total $ amount delivered
- Remaining $ amount
The Summary tab provides a
monthly breakdown of the
services that have been
delivered from your budget.

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