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Empowering Young People in Aged Care
Empowering Young People in Aged Care
26 March 2024

YPIRAC stands for ‘Younger people in residential aged care’. When we talk about ‘younger people in residential aged care’ this refers to someone who is under the age of 65 who lives permanently in a residential aged care facility.

The NDIS exists to enable people with disability to have choice and control over how they live their lives. As an Australian with disability, choosing where you live plays a very important role.

It is acknowledged by the NDIS that aged care is not a suitable place for a younger person to live, unless you have exceptional circumstances.  

According to Summer Foundation and data collected in February 2023 – there were 2934 younger people with disability living in aged care in Australia. Summer Foundation found that many YPIRAC are not aware of the housing options that exist outside of residential aged care.

I live in residential aged care and I am under 65

If you are a person with disability under the age of 65 and you are living in residential aged care, then you may be able to access NDIS funding to help you move into a more suitable home of your choice. If you want to explore other housing options, talk to your family and friends, support coordinator or your “my NDIS” contact. 

If you want to try out living in a different home for a short period of time, talk to your residential aged care facility about short-term leave. The Department of Health and Aged Care website has further information about short-term leave from residential aged care.

Get further information from the NDIS website.

What type of support is available to help me move out of residential aged care?

Once you have decided that you’d like to move out of residential aged care, there are various NDIS funded supports that you may be able to access to help you. They include:

  • Funding for a Support Coordinator to explore other housing options with you or on your behalf
  • Capacity building funding to help you build your confidence and skills to move out of residential aged care
  • Core supports to help you with everyday activities

Other types of home and living supports that may be suitable for you depending on your unique needs are:

Further Support

We’re Here to Help

Our team of Support Coordinators have experience in supporting NDIS clients to find the best housing to meet their needs and help them to live how they choose. We can help you to explore the options and request funding through the NDIA. To find out more simply complete our online form or call us on 1800 928 437.

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NDIS Pricing Review Summary
NDIS Pricing Review Summary
30 June 2024

At the end of June, the NDIA announced changes to NDIS pricing, ahead of proposed broader reforms that will strengthen the NDIS provider market. The NDIS Pricing Review takes place annually and sets the maximum price limits that NDIS providers and health professionals are allowed to charge for services they provide to NDIS participants.

Meet Ashley!
Meet Ashley!
26 June 2024

Ashley has been a client with InFocus for almost two years and is supported by Greer, one of our wonderful Support Coordinators to help him achieve his personal and NDIS goals. One of Ashley’s goals is to get out and about and make new friends and this year he’s smashed that goal!

PACE: Your FAQs Answered
PACE: Your FAQs Answered
30 May 2024

By now, you will have heard a lot about PACE. While it’s great to have lots of information available, it can also be confusing. We explore some of the questions and our Plan Managers and Support Coordinators are hearing from participants and provide the answers you need.

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