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Why choose Plan Management?
Why choose Plan Management?
6 April 2022

InFocus’ team of Plan Managers and Support Coordinators assist people who live with disability in accessing and getting the most they can from the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Based in Brisbane, our team has extensive experience and knowledge in the NDIS.

We can help you or someone who you support access funding regardless of whether it is your first time applying, or if you’re an existing participant looking to make the switch to Plan Management. If you’d like to get more from your NDIS plan, we’re here to support you on your NDIS journey.

What is Plan Management?

Plan Management is one of four ways you can choose to manage your NDIS budget, the others being self-management, agency-management or a combination. How you choose to manage your NDIS budget is an important choice as it includes responsibilities such as managing your financial transactions and paying your providers.

During your NDIS planning meeting, you can nominate Plan Management as your management option. When you choose Plan Management with a registered NDIS provider like InFocus, your Plan Manager handles all aspects of your NDIS funding for you. We’ll walk you through every step, from creating a service agreement which outlines which supports will be provided and how, to creating the length of your agreement.

Whereas self-management requires you to handle everything yourself and agency management has the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) manage your NDIS budget for you, Plan Management has the following benefits:

  • Payments, invoices and budgeting will be taken care of and paid on your behalf
  • There is more choice in support as both registered and non-registered providers are accessible
  • You have the option to hold funds for your preferred support providers
  • All support invoices will be paid for from your NDIS funding allocations
  • You receive assistance with tracking your spending
  • You retain choice and control over funding decisions
  • Ease of adjusting to the NDIS process if you are a new participant
  • Assistance in understanding the NDIS process from a professional
  • There are no additional expenses for you
  • You receive regular budget updates and track changes in real time
  • Billing issues will be resolved for you
  • Assurance that your invoices and payments are settled correctly and on time
  • Less stress and more time for yourself
  • Receive monthly activity breakdowns

How do I get Plan Management?

Plan Management is an option open equally to all NDIS participants at no additional cost. To receive Plan Management from InFocus, follow the instructions below which best match your circumstances:

  1. New NDIS Participants

During your NDIS planning meeting, let your Plan Manager or Local Area Coordinator know that you would like to be Plan Managed and request to have it included as part of a separate item called “improved life choices”.

  1. Changing Management Styles

If you are already an NDIS participant and would like to change to Plan Management from either self- or agency-management, simply request the change during your next NDIS plan review or at any time. You can also request a combination of two or all three management styles.

  1. Changing Plan Management Providers

If your NDIS budget is already under Plan Management and you would like to change your provider to InFocus, this can be done at any time by getting in touch with us on the contact information below or using our easy online sign-up form,

Further Info

If you need help getting more from your NDIS plan or have any questions regarding Plan Management or the NDIS, give InFocus a call today on 1800 928 437 or email When you call InFocus you will always get to speak to a real person. You can also switch to InFocus Plan Management using our online form.

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