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School Leaver Employment Supports Explained
School Leaver Employment Supports Explained
17 May 2022

Based in Brisbane, InFocus is dedicated to helping people who live with disability to get the most out of their NDIS plan to support and improve their lives. We have extensive experience helping both those who are new to the NDIS existing participants.

With the school year almost halfway done, students with disability may be thinking about how they will be supported once their studies are finished. School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) are an option, here’s how SLES works.

What are School Leaver Employment Supports?

The purpose of School Leaver Employment Supports is to help participants who are school leavers (as the name suggests!) and need support as they look for a job. These supports are tailored towards each individual’s unique needs to help them transition from school to employment. Depending on your circumstances, they are available for up to two years directly after your studies have finished.

The funding provided can be used to:

  • Receive job skills training
  • Access work experience and open employment
  • Receive travel training
  • And more

School Leaver Employment Supports also encourage employers to be inclusive in their hiring practices by providing them with support, training, resources and initiatives.

What else do School Leaver Employment Supports fund?

The NDIS provides School Leaver Employment Supports funding to help you find work, but there is more to SLES than job hunting. You can get help to access opportunities like work experience, volunteering, or skills training that can lead you on the right path to suitable employment.  

How can I get SLES funding?

As with other NDIS funding, it must be considered either reasonable or necessary to receive SLES. This means the supports in question must be either fairly accessible to all people, regardless of their circumstances, or they must be necessary to manage their disability. Whether a support is reasonable or necessary will be different for each school leaver.

What can SLES funding cover?

SLES funding may include (but isn’t limited to) the following programs:

  • Activities which present the opportunity to discover work
  • Training in money handling, time management, communication, and social skills
  • Work experience
  • Job ready skills training
  • Travel skills training
  • Access to support providers

How SLES can help

The NDIA provides School Leaver Employment Supports to help participants get ready to enter the workforce. Your motivation for getting a job will be unique to your circumstances. You may want to support yourself financially, you may simply want to participate in the workforce or you may want to pursue your passion.

The NDIA will consider your unique needs and goals. The supports the NDIA will fund, must be in some way helpful in meeting your employment goals, and can include help and support to:

  • find work partnerships and opportunities to participate
  • use your own network of community contacts to increase your likelihood of finding a job that suits your goals
  • connect and engage with potential future employers in your community
  • find inclusive employment and work experience opportunities
  • find professional skills training services

Further Info

If you are a soon to be school leaver and would like more information on School Leaver Employment Supports or the NDIS, contact InFocus today. Our team of Brisbane based Plan Managers and Support Coordinators are here to help you on your NDIS journey. Call us on 1800 928 437 or email

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