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How to prepare for your plan review meeting
How to prepare for your plan review meeting
10 April 2022

At InFocus our Brisbane based team of Plan Managers and Support Coordinators, help people who live with disability understand and access funding through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). If you’re an existing NDIS participant, your plan will run for the specified period (usually 12 or 24 months) and then you will be required to attend a plan review so that funding can be allocated for your next plan period. InFocus can help you plan and prepare for these meetings, following are a few tips we have to offer.

Organising your meeting

Plan review meetings begin with a participant check in. The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), providers of the NDIS, will contact participants near the end of their existing plan to arrange a date for your review meeting. This is to confirm that your plan is still meeting your needs and to see if your circumstances have changed since your planning meeting or last plan review.

Once you have the date set you can request whether your plan review meeting takes place in person, via phone call, or over a video chat. Now is also the time to consider inviting anyone you would like to have present during your meeting, such as family, friends, or your Support Coordinator.

A plan review meeting may not be needed for all participants. If more appropriate, a Local Area Coordinator (LAC), NDIA planner, or early childhood partner will simply check in to see if your current plan still meets your unique needs. A full plan review can be requested at this time if your circumstances have changed.

Preparing your information

Depending on the details of your current plan you may need to provide either assessments or reports from your service providers. These are used to show how you are using your NDIS funding to achieve the goals laid out in your plan and can be used to recommend supports or services you might need in future.

During your meeting you are likely to be asked the following questions. Think about your answers ahead of time so you have them ready.

  • Which aspects of your existing plan worked well and which didn’t?
  • How much progress have you made towards your current plan goals?
  • Which goals do you want to continue pursuing, have already met, or want to change?
  • Do you require new supports to help you pursue your goals?
  • Will you need continued NDIS support in future?
  • Would you like to change how all or some of your plan funding is managed?

Plan review meetings for participants with longer plan durations

NDIS participants in stable situations can request plan durations of up to three years. This is for those whose support needs are unlikely to change, who are confident and capable in using their funding to achieve their goals, or who are focused on becoming more active in the community through employment or learning new skills.

Longer term plans are not recommended for children under seven due to the major changes all children undergo during early childhood. Longer plans of up to 24 months are available but only when aligned with such transitions. Speak with your LAC, early childhood partner, or planner to find if this option is right for your child, and consider how connected you are with local supports and which goals you are trying to help your child pursue. If such changes do occur then your LAC, early childhood partner, or planner will be able to move up your child’s next plan review meeting.

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