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Respite care and the NDIS
Respite care and the NDIS
29 October 2021

InFocus’ trusted team of Brisbane based Support Coordinators help NDIS participants to access respite care through the NDIS. With over 70 years of experience assisting people living with disability, our care and knowledge puts us above the rest when it comes to understanding and navigating the NDIS.

We work with people living with disabilities to help them access the right respite care to meet their needs. We do this by tailoring unique solutions and working with you every step of the way.

Respite care

Respite care involves family members or professional carers providing practical and emotional support for people living with disabilities. NDIS participants can use their funding to access this care.

You may hear respite care and think of a professional coming into your home, but this is only one means by which it is provided. Respite care can also come from loving family members who already know you best for those who feel more comfortable with this idea.

Participants and carers are funded to support each other with everyday activities such as housework, and to take breaks to live their best lives, both in and away from home. This includes:

  • Participating with the community and joining social groups
  • Having short stays away from home
  • Providing extra support workers to assist carers
  • Giving carers time away from the caring role to focus on other things

Getting the right respite care to meet your needs

Whether you’re applying for the NDIS for the first time or if you’d like to request changes to how respite is funded in your NDIS plan, InFocus’ Support Coordinators are here and ready to help you work out what to do.

As with other supports, the NDIS will fund what is reasonable and necessary for your respite care. Reasonable refers to things which are fair, that is, everybody should have them. Necessary refers to things needed to manage your disability. The NDIS may support any item or service which deem reasonable or necessary for your respite care.

If you need help to work out what this means for you our helpful team Support Coordinators are here, to sit down and work with you to help you understand your options for respite care and how to get the most out of it.


What does your NDIS funded respite care provide access to?

By working with InFocus’ Support Coordinators, we can help you get the most out of your respite care. The following inclusions are available to NDIS participants if they are deemed reasonable or necessary to support your disability which our team can assist you in accessing.

Some respite care inclusions are:

  • Short term out of home accommodation for you and your carer (allowing you to try new things, take part in community activities, and explore your independence)
  • A well-deserved break for your carer from their responsibilities
  • Access to activities agreed upon by you and your provider
  • Food allocation
  • Funding for groups or individuals depending on what is reasonable and necessary for your needs

Respite care funding does not include:

  • Funding for holidays
  • Long term out of home care

Further Info

When you call InFocus you will always speak to a real person. If you need support to help you get the most out of your NDIS plan, give our friendly team a call today on 1800 928 437 or email

More information for accessing respite care through the NDIS can also be found on the Carers Australia website:

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